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i wonder, have you ever read a nursery rhyme and all of a sudden fell into the melody of the rhyme? what i actually wonder, are you able to just figure out the melody just by reading it? or any rhyme for that matter... not just nursery rhymes...

like if i put:

ten nine eight seven six five four
three two murder one
lyric at your door

could you get the melody right by reading it? what if i typed it:

ten nine eight seven six five four, three two, murder one lyric at your door

just wondering...

drawing again. will start writing again soon. trying to fix a bedtime story i made for calvin into something that makes sense.

I know what happened to 7 and a half years of journal entries. Wordpress happened. I ported everything over to wordpress and so ehow deleted it all withoit realizing it. Radical!

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i just realized i created this live-journal 5 years before my son was born. five years to the daaaaaaay.

nope. diaryland still in tact. my lj isnt as old, so its about 7 and a half years of journal entries missing from livejournal. wonderful.


dirtyjap's Journal

Created on 2001-05-31

ive lost 5 years of journal entries... i dont get it... this makes me sad.

edit: check that... more like 7 or even 8... so killer... my diaryland journal is probably dead too...

why do i only have 20 entires in my livejournal?!

ill tell you, and you might not understand, or you might think im even weirder than you thought before, or creepier than you thought before, but im growing. im learning. im different.

i used to wear a size small shirt and size 32 pants like 3 years ago, but i lacked discpline and was unable to say no to more food with calvins mom because without discpline, self-control can only get you so far. i can say no once or twice, but in the end, self-control can give in... and it did. more often than not, i lost each battle at the table.

i used to get great grades in school, but i lacked discpline and was unable to keep focused on my studies, opting instead to cut school and hang out with friends. this trend started sophomore year of high school and continued until i didnt reapply at long beach. i even failed a class there.

i lacked discpline.

if i continue to lack that which i need, then my son will never learn to be able to break bad habits. my son will have to learn one day that he lacks discpline. but will he have the strength of will to overcome that deficit and gain discpline? i am afraid he may not have been taught the necessary skills to do as such. and that lies with me. though the time has passed when i should have been teaching him these things, the time is now to start. quality over quantity. it matters to him that i regain the discpline i lost so long ago.

caloo, caleigh, we'll eat today, like cabbages... and kings. but i'll probably just get back into vegetarianism.

is it wrong?


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